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"Prospect Lodge is a well governed organization of men united; sharing a rich tradition of strong values and building friendships that last a lifetime."


Past Masters

*Wor. Henry W. Bowen  (U.D. 1890) 1890-91 *Wor. J. Leonard Smith 1938 *Wor. John R. Hunter 1972
*Wor. Allen M. Innis  HP 1892-93 *Wor. Norman A. MacLeod 1939 *Wor. Kenneth H. Fogerty 1973
*Wor. Harrison Dunham 1894 *Wor. Frank G. Augusta 1940 *^Rt. Wor. Michael Pecoraro 1974
*Wor. William H. Bowdlear 1895-96 *Wor. Wilfred L. Penney 1941 *Wor. LeRoy W. Niles 1975
*Wor. Daniel Dewar  HP 1897-98 *^Rt. Wor. George W. Russell 1942 *Wor. John H. Gillis 1976
*Wor John W. Bosworth 1899-00 *Wor. Phillip Richenburg 1943 *Wor. Frank M. Gray 1977
*Wor. Benjamin F. Jerome 1901 *Wor. Robert L. Schneider 1944 *Wor. Charles R. Lovejoy 1978
*Wor. Edward S. Fogerty 1902-03 *Wor. Arthur T. Milligan 1945 *Wor. John E. Lydstone, Jr. 1979
*Wor. John Daniel 1904-05 *Wor. Richard J. Sutton 1946 Wor. John E. Lydstone, III 1980
*Wor. E. Ernest Murry 1906-07 *Wor. Marcus P. Pinkham 1947 ^Rt. Wor. Stanley Chester Gaw 1981-82
*Wor. John H. Marks 1908-09 *Wor. Harold C. Bean 1948 *Wor. John E. Lydstone, Jr. 1983
*Wor. George L. Dimock 1910 *Wor. Frank W. Aston 1949 *Wor. Harry E. Nobel 1984
*Wor. George W. Harring 1911-12 *Wor. Wesley J. Rowe 1950 ^Rt. Wor. Stanley Chester Gaw 1985
*^Rt. Wor. John F. Carver 1913 *^Rt. Wor. Francis A. Troy 1951 Wor. Lewis M. Smolin 1986
*Wor. Elmer W. Stevens 1914-15 *Wor. Allen H. Aston 1952 *Wor. Frank G. Augusta 1987
*Wor. Stephen A. Cummings 1916-17 *Wor. James C. Thorp 1953 *Rt. Wor. James M. Callihan 1988
*Wor. John A. Johnson 1918-19 *Wor. Ray A. Harmon 1954 + Wor. Douglas M. Brown  1989
*Wor. Walter G. Richardson 1920-21 *Wor. Daniel J. Savage 1955 *^Rt. Wor. Willard Bryant Cookson 1990
*Wor. Earle N. Crysler 1922 *Wor. Harvey M. Tompkins 1956 Wor. Bruce A. Berry 1991-93
*Wor. Edward W. Whittemore 1923 *^Rt. Wor. Alexander R. MacLeod 1957 ^Rt. Wor. Bruce Thornton Marshall 1994-95
*Wor. Frederick H. Doell 1924 *Wor. John L. Olsen, Jr. 1958 *Wor. Henry Abram Woolf 1996-97
*Wor. Charles P. Raymond 1925 *Wor. Harold L. Travis 1959 Wor. Stephen Phipps Cole 1998-99
*Wor. Henry Doell 1926 *Wor. Frederick W. Johnson 1960 Rt. Wor. Richard Howland Ryder 2000-01
*^Rt. Wor. Leon V. Stone 1927 *Wor. Lawton C. Ganong 1961 Wor. Wilfred Martin Cote 2002-03
*Wor. Austin F. Oberacker 1928 *Wor. Harry E. Nobel 1962 ^Rt. Wor. Stanley Chester Gaw 2004-05
*Wor. George N. Graves 1929 *Wor. Donald A. MacKinnon 1963 ^Rt. Wor. Bruce Thornton Marshall 2006
*Wor. Clayton L. Havey 1930 *Wor. Earl W. Folsom 1964 d Wor. Simon Berbara 2007-08
*Wor. Lloyd H. Chellman 1931 *Wor. Roger R. Harmon 1965 Wor. Souhail Berbara 2009-11
*^Rt. Wor. Stanley B. Vandersall 1932 *Wor. Gerald Harting 1966 Wor David Gordon Berry 2012
*Wor. Thomas Ward 1933 *Wor. Donald A. MacKinnon 1967 ^Rt. Wor. Stanley Chester Gaw 2013-14
*Wor. Owen E. Folsom 1934 *Wor. T. Preston Crumbley 1968 Wor. Elias Semaan 2015-16
*Wor. Reginald W. Edmonds 1935 d Wor. A. Roderick MacLeod, Jr. 1969 Wor. Stephen Douglas Sears 2017-18
*Wor. Sheridan E. Thorup 1936 *Wor. Karl H. A. Schmatzler 1970    
*Wor. Arthur O. Eilerston 1937 + ^Rt. Wor. Richard R. Ray  1971    


* deceased
^ Past D.D.G.M.
+  suspended
d  demitted
HP  Henry Price medal


Living Affiliated Past Masters

Rt. Wor. Eugene Blake Nichols J. Phillip Berquist Lodge
Wor. Sotiris Sotiropolous Celestial Lodge
Wor. Wilfred Martin Cote Celestial Lodge
Wor. Earnest L. Dever, III West Roxbury - Dorchester Lodge
Rt. Wor. Robert S. Vartanian West Roxbury - Dorchester Lodge
Wor. Stephen R. Somario Rabboni Lodge
Wor. Louis Kabelka Union Lodge



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