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"Prospect Lodge is a well governed organization of men united; sharing a rich tradition of strong values and building friendships that last a lifetime."


Past Masters

*Wor. Henry W. Bowen  (U.D. 1890) 1890-91 *Wor. J. Leonard Smith 1938 *Wor. John R. Hunter 1972
*Wor. Allen M. Innis  HP 1892-93 *Wor. Norman A. MacLeod 1939 *Wor. Kenneth H. Fogerty 1973
*Wor. Harrison Dunham 1894 *Wor. Frank G. Augusta 1940 *^Rt. Wor. Michael Pecoraro 1974
*Wor. William H. Bowdlear 1895-96 *Wor. Wilfred L. Penney 1941 *Wor. LeRoy W. Niles 1975
*Wor. Daniel Dewar  HP 1897-98 *^Rt. Wor. George W. Russell 1942 *Wor. John H. Gillis 1976
*Wor John W. Bosworth 1899-00 *Wor. Phillip Richenburg 1943 *Wor. Frank M. Gray 1977
*Wor. Benjamin F. Jerome 1901 *Wor. Robert L. Schneider 1944 *Wor. Charles R. Lovejoy 1978
*Wor. Edward S. Fogerty 1902-03 *Wor. Arthur T. Milligan 1945 *Wor. John E. Lydstone, Jr. 1979
*Wor. John Daniel 1904-05 *Wor. Richard J. Sutton 1946 Wor. John E. Lydstone, III 1980
*Wor. E. Ernest Murry 1906-07 *Wor. Marcus P. Pinkham 1947 ^Rt. Wor. Stanley Chester Gaw 1981-82
*Wor. John H. Marks 1908-09 *Wor. Harold C. Bean 1948 *Wor. John E. Lydstone, Jr. 1983
*Wor. George L. Dimock 1910 *Wor. Frank W. Aston 1949 *Wor. Harry E. Nobel 1984
*Wor. George W. Harring 1911-12 *Wor. Wesley J. Rowe 1950 ^Rt. Wor. Stanley Chester Gaw 1985
*^Rt. Wor. John F. Carver 1913 *^Rt. Wor. Francis A. Troy 1951 Wor. Lewis M. Smolin 1986
*Wor. Elmer W. Stevens 1914-15 *Wor. Allen H. Aston 1952 *Wor. Frank G. Augusta 1987
*Wor. Stephen A. Cummings 1916-17 *Wor. James C. Thorp 1953 *Rt. Wor. James M. Callihan 1988
*Wor. John A. Johnson 1918-19 *Wor. Ray A. Harmon 1954 + Wor. Douglas M. Brown  1989
*Wor. Walter G. Richardson 1920-21 *Wor. Daniel J. Savage 1955 *^Rt. Wor. Willard Bryant Cookson 1990
*Wor. Earle N. Crysler 1922 *Wor. Harvey M. Tompkins 1956 Wor. Bruce A. Berry 1991-93
*Wor. Edward W. Whittemore 1923 *^Rt. Wor. Alexander R. MacLeod 1957 ^Rt. Wor. Bruce Thornton Marshall 1994-95
*Wor. Frederick H. Doell 1924 *Wor. John L. Olsen, Jr. 1958 *Wor. Henry Abram Woolf 1996-97
*Wor. Charles P. Raymond 1925 *Wor. Harold L. Travis 1959 Wor. Stephen Phipps Cole 1998-99
*Wor. Henry Doell 1926 *Wor. Frederick W. Johnson 1960 Rt. Wor. Richard Howland Ryder 2000-01
*^Rt. Wor. Leon V. Stone 1927 *Wor. Lawton C. Ganong 1961 Wor. Wilfred Martin Cote 2002-03
*Wor. Austin F. Oberacker 1928 *Wor. Harry E. Nobel 1962 ^Rt. Wor. Stanley Chester Gaw 2004-05
*Wor. George N. Graves 1929 *Wor. Donald A. MacKinnon 1963 ^Rt. Wor. Bruce Thornton Marshall 2006
*Wor. Clayton L. Havey 1930 *Wor. Earl W. Folsom 1964 d Wor. Simon Berbara 2007-08
*Wor. Lloyd H. Chellman 1931 *Wor. Roger R. Harmon 1965 Wor. Souhail Berbara 2009-11
*^Rt. Wor. Stanley B. Vandersall 1932 *Wor. Gerald Harting 1966 Wor David Gordon Berry 2012
*Wor. Thomas Ward 1933 *Wor. Donald A. MacKinnon 1967 ^Rt. Wor. Stanley Chester Gaw 2013-14
*Wor. Owen E. Folsom 1934 *Wor. T. Preston Crumbley 1968 Wor. Elias Semaan 2015-16
*Wor. Reginald W. Edmonds 1935 d Wor. A. Roderick MacLeod, Jr. 1969 Wor. Stephen Douglas Sears 2017
*Wor. Sheridan E. Thorup 1936 *Wor. Karl H. A. Schmatzler 1970    
*Wor. Arthur O. Eilerston 1937 + ^Rt. Wor. Richard R. Ray  1971    


* deceased
^ Past D.D.G.M.
+  suspended
d  demitted
HP  Henry Price medal


Living Affiliated Past Masters

Rt. Wor. Eugene Blake Nichols J. Phillip Berquist Lodge
Wor. Robert E. Grunin Adelphi - Noodles Island Lodge
Wor. Sotiris Sotiropolous Celestial Lodge
Wor. Wilfred Martin Cote Celestial Lodge
Wor. Earnest L. Dever, III West Roxbury - Dorchester Lodge
Rt. Wor. Robert S. Vartanian West Roxbury - Dorchester Lodge
Wor. Stephen R. Somario Rabboni Lodge
Wor. Louis Kabelka Union Lodge



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